New version, new options

Which version(s) of the data fits you the best? The new release of lets you choose by yourself, and gives you new options for analysis.

Brand new ways of versioning data puts you in command over data versions in In the coming release you specify data version before you start building your population and adding variables. The command to use is “require”. Click here for syntax example. Check the button Variables on the main webpage for information on available data versions and how they differ (Norwegian language only).

Versioning paves the way for continuous data updates, with a complete makeover scheduled to this autumn. Along with the updates we also plan user interface and analysis functionality development. Any data or (analysis) functionality suggestions ? We’d love to have them.

When re-executed, any script written for the old version will automatically run on the original data. Reproducibility and immutability is part of the service. New scripts run on data according to your own specification. The new command “require” makes version info a part of the script.

The option to include data from multiple versions in one script opens for new ways of testing effects of data changes on findings/conclusions.