About microdata.no

microdata.no is a collaboration between Sikt – Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research and Statistics Norway. The platform development is funded by The Research Council of Norway.

microdata.no is a new and internationally unique way to share data. The service offers access to unmanipulated register data from Statistics Norway and other sources without any form for application, and with no need for pre defined projects.

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  • Users may process and analyse all variables on the platform without limitations.
  • Users may share scripts and results as they like.
  • The data base is continuously expanded and updated. See the variable overview.
  • The institutions administer users themselves.
  • Privacy measures is integrated in the user interface. That is why no applications are needed.The solution has an anonymisation interface with embedded privacy protection


Norway has a well-developed and well-documented system for register data. Some of the most important registers are also used as a basis for official statistics.

Such data is also valuable as research data. The accessibility of register data for research purposes in Norway is good, but privacy protection requirements mean that the application processes for using data can be time-consuming and costly.

microdata.no offers access to register data with a set-up that makes it possible to use the data without any form of application. This is an important simplification of data sharing for data users and data owners alike. The heart of the set-up is the platform’s metadata driven logic, opening for working with the data without seeing the individual records, and without the data leaving its protected data store. All results are anonymized on the fly with integrated privacy filters.

In the analysis environment users work with a high degree of flexibility. They have access to all variables and can match everything with everything. No applications for specific variables or approval of projects are required. The longest time series date back to 1964. Update status is the same as for the published statistics on similar topics.

The analysis environment offers panel methods, descriptive analysis, aggregation, linear regression analysis, logistic regression, etc. The functionality is being developed continuously according to input from users.

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How to get access

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