New release with up-to-date information

From week 40, offers the newest available information. Starting with nine pilot variables this week, the complete database will be updated during the fall.

The updating follows the upgrade of with a brand new versioning technology that keeps all results immutable through any data change. Because all scripts are executed on their original data version, all analyses are reproducible over time.

The data updating goes on during the fall until the complete database is updated with the newest information available. From 2021 we plan quarterly updates.

The new release of lets you choose which data to analyse by specifying data version before you start building your population and adding variables. The command to use is “require”. Click here for syntax example. The metadata overview gives you information on available data versions and how they differ.

The option to include data from multiple versions in one script opens for new ways of testing findings on any effect of data changes on conclusions.

These variables were updated with 2020-information in week 40:

Full nameTechnical name
Number of children in familyBEFOLKNING_BARN3_I_FAM
Number of children (0-17 år) in familyBEFOLKNING_BARN_I_REGSTAT_FAMNR
Age of youngest person in familyBEFOLKNING_YNGST_I_REGSTAT_FAMNR
Age of oldest person in familyBEFOLKNING_ELDST_I_REGSTAT_FAMNR
Household identification numberBEFOLKNING_HUSHNR
Number of people aged 0-17 år in householdBEFOLKNING_PERS17MIN_I_HUSHNR
Number of people 18 years or older in householdBEFOLKNING_PERS18PLUS_I_HUSHNR
Age of youngest person in householdBEFOLKNING_YNGST_I_HUSHNR
Age of oldest person in householdBEFOLKNING_ELDST_I_HUSHNR