Millions to from Research Council of Norway

NOK 42 million to further development of

More functionality, huge amount of variables, third party register data, your own research data – millions from the Research Council of Norway open for extensive, further development of

As the only related to social sciences the 2.0 application from Statistics Norway and NSD was approved for support from the Infrastructure Program. This means that the project is invited to negotiate its final design and content.

The application asked for NOK 70 million over a four year period, the resources shared between SN, NSD and the Cancer Register, pilot third party register in the project. In addition Statistics Norway contributes a deductible of 8 million, primarily in the form of data and metadata facilitation.

Microdata 2.0 will have 1,000-1,500 SN variables and significantly expanded functionality. In addition, there will be access to third party data (the Cancer Registry is a partner) and the opportunity to upload researchers’ own data. Seamless interaction with traditional microdata lending via remote access is also planned