Data on elections now included in

Data on elections are now included in For the first time ever, you may match individual voting behavior with a wide range of background variables without any form of application.

Who voted? Who voted in advance? Is our voting behavior stable or fluctuating? What about the youth? And the immigrants?

With data on elections from Statistics Norway in, you may now trace electoral behavior from election to election and match with background variables on the voters, their families and parents. For the time being, the data cover the national elections in 2013 and 2017, and the local in 2015 and 2019. Data on this year’s national election will be supplied during the fall. The data are identical to those used for official statistics on elections.

In, you will now find variables on microlevel telling if a person has voted or not, if the vote was cast in advance, and which electoral district the person belongs to. In addition there are technical variables for correct use of the information. Check for further documentation.

Data on elections in (links in Norwegian only)

Voting behavior

VariableTechnical name
Voted in advanceVALG_FORHAAND_SSB
Electoral district (municipality)VALG_MANNTALL_KOMMNR

Technical variables

VariableTechnical name
If data are based on full count or a sampleVALG_FULLTELLINGSKOMMUNE
If data are checked with the voting listsVALG_MANNTALLSKONTROLL_SSB
Sampling weightVALG_TVERRVEKT