Author: Trond Pedersen

Winsorization change

The winsorization confidentiality measure in has been adjusted; the underlying data in the user’s workspace is no longer affected by this measure. Thus, regression analyzes can now be executed without being influenced by winsorization.

New function for classification of income and other types of continuous values: quantile

It will now be possible to convert continuous values into percentile values by using the new function quantile(). Thus, all values contained by a specific variable will be divided and placed chronologically into equally large groups. Finally, the variable values will be replaced by the respective percentile values.

17 new income variables in

Statistics Norway have added 17 new income variables to the variable pool of, in addition to a population variable measuring the origin of the personal identification number: National identification number, temporary identification number (D-number), invalid identification number. This variable may be used for selection purposes.