Greater flexibility when exporting graphs now makes it possible to export graphs in several formats, as well as edit them in the editing tool Vega.

When exporting graphs, you previously only had the choice to download graphs as an image (.png). This works well if you are 100% satisfied with the appearance of the graph. But if you wanted to make edits or scale up the size without limitations, there was no support for this.

We have now implemented the option to choose between the download formats .png (image format) and .svg. The latter (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a standard file format for displaying two-dimensional images that allows you to scale up the display as much as you want without loss of resolution.

It is also possible to select “Open in the vega editor”. This will open the online editing tool Vega and allow you to edit the graph in question there. There it is possible to fix the appearance and adjust as you like. After editing, you also have the option to save the result as .png, .json, .svg, .pdf and .html.

Hold the mouse cursor over graph and click on the export button
More options available for graph exports
Graph editing in the Vega editor

You edit in Vega by adjusting the various values ​​in the left window, then clicking on the “Run” button at the top. The graph is then drawn again with the new settings. Finally, the graph can be saved by clicking the “Export” button.