Find your way in your script pile

A new tool makes it quick and easy to find the scripts you are looking for.

Access the tool via a shortcut or through the script menu

We recommend the shortcut ctrl + shift + f, but you can also find the tool in the script menu as shown below.

Illustration of 'Find Script' option in the script menu.
Illustration of ‘Find Script’ option in the script menu.

How does the ‘Find Script’ tool work?

The tool can be used with the keyboard alone.

You can search by script name and within the content of the scripts. You’ll get hits for all scripts containing the search term, and you can navigate with the arrow keys until you find what you’re looking for. Previewing scripts is part of the tool.

Once you’ve found the right script, press the enter key (or the Open button), and the script will open in the usual way.

Illustration of the 'Find Script' tool.
Illustration of the ‘Find Script’ tool.