Order research data from microdata.no

Save time, avoid misunderstandings and get a better dataset. Use the export function in microdata.no when you order research data from Statistics Norway.

The export function makes microdata.no a versatile platform for variable exploration where you yourself can specify and trim the data to fit your research purposes.

  • You can identify the relevant data needs, making it easier to justify your choice in the application.
  • You can do preliminary analyzes even before you have received the data.
  • You remove a source of misunderstandings and give less work to Statistics Norway because you create the data set yourself.

The export function is easy to use: You create the data set, copy the script you have used and attach it to the application to Statistics Norway. Statistics Norway retrieves the file that you have created yourself. It is good for both delivery time and price.

Easier to apply

When you start in microdata.no, you can work with data even before you have them. The opportunity to work exploratory gives you an overview of which data is relevant and necessary in your project. This makes it easier to justify your needs in a privacy perspective, both to your DPO, Sikt’s Data Protection Services, and in the application to Statistics Norway.

Do like this

You create the dataset in microdata.no. Print the script and attach it to the application form. You do not need to fill in variable lists for these variables. Send the application to Statistics Norway for processing. Then you get a price and a delivery time. If you accept, there is no need for Statistics to produce the file. This you have already done. It saves time and money.

Imagine this case

You have an idea

What if you could test out an assignment or a project idea with real, sharp data without applying for them. You can do this in microdata.no. Without a research protocol and without any kind of application, you go directly to data, define a population, merge variables and test them with descriptive analyzes and causal models.

Maybe you find all the data and all analysis tools that you need and can complete the project on microdata.no.

Or maybe you find that you need additional data, or you may need to use tools other than the built-in one. Then you use the export function.

The export function

With the export function you apply to get the data as a microdata loan. The function is good for the delivery time for several reasons: Because it makes it easier to justify the data need from a privacy perspective when you have a better overview of the relevant data need, because you remove the risk of misunderstanding your order, and because you have already done the production job.