Breaking news: Data export from

Starting in November, you can use as a self-service, timesaving order site for microdata. When you attach a script to the application, Statistics Norway can extract the data you yourself composed directly from the service.

In this way you may work with your data even before you apply, and you eliminate the risk for misunderstanding your order.

A new export function makes a supplementing tool when you need de-identified data from Statistics Norway (SSB). This makes data ordering easier and less prone to misunderstandings. Export from microdata is based on application and legal screening.

Do like this

Create a data set in and attach the script to the application form for data from SSB. SSB performs a legal screening of the application. When OK you get an offer with a price and a delivery date. If you accept the offer, SSB does not need to produce the data set, there will be no misunderstandings, and you have had the opportunity to work with the data even before you apply.

Imagine this case

You have an assignment or a project idea that you want to test with real, sharp microdata. In this setting is an ideal place to start. Without protocol, without applications, without being dependent on anyone or anything, you go straight to data, define a population, add variables and start exploring, using descriptive tools and causal modelling.

Maybe you find all the data and analysis tools in and can complete the project on the platform.

Or maybe you find that you need more data, or you need to use other tools than the platform’s built-in. Then you can use as a new, supplementary tool for ordering microdata. Applying via is all in all faster than before, because you work with data before applying, and because you eliminate the risk for misunderstandings by creating the data set yourself. And when SSB start producing your order, the data job is already done.